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From Bantayan Island to Virgin Island

Directly near to Bantayan Island you will find the beautiful Virgin Island what is owned by the Villacarlos Family what should be the first stop on an island hopping tour. It is with a small Pump boat around 30 to 40 minutes away. The costs for the bat trip will be around 800-1200 Peso, depend on the boat you like to use and an additional charge of ~100 Peso per person. Already before you arrive here, you will recognize that you can see on a good day around 10-15 meters deep down to the ground where you can see corals in every color and shape. So it would be good if you take your diving mask and snorkel directly with you. If you don’t have anything of it, you should mention it to your boat staff before you start the trip, so that they can rent it from them.
On the island itself you will find besides of the care taker and his family nobody else, maybe some other guests, but if you don’t come on Saturday or Sunday you will be probably alone. You will find here some small huts where you can sit and relax in the shadow, and also a grilling area. Food, Drinks and Charcoal should be brought also from Bantayan Island, but most things you could also buy also from the caretaker because he started to sell many things what most visitors forget to bring. Fresh sea food is also offered sometimes from the caretaker or fishermen who are driving by, here it would be perfect to have somebody who could talk to them in cebuano, so that there are no misunderstandings and you get the seafoods for a fair price.
Snorkeling at the beach is one of the best things to do on that island, due to its corals and animals you can find here. As more far you are from the beach, as more unique the underwater life is. But you should be bewaring the fact that the island is a sanctuary, what means that collecting starfishes, sea urchins (even if it is edible) and so on is forbidden.

800-1200 Peso for the Boat rent
~ 100 Peso per person entrance fee
Bring own Food, Drinks and Charcoal (if needed)
Snorkeling equipments (own or rented)
Marine Sanctuary