From Bantayan Island to Virgin Island

Directly near to Bantayan Island you will find the beautiful Virgin Island what is owned by the Villacarlos Family what should be the first stop on an island hopping tour. It is with a small Pump boat around 30 to 40 minutes away. The costs for the bat trip will be around 800-1200 Peso, depend on the boat you like to use and an additional charge of ~100 Peso per person. Already before you arrive here, you will recognize that you can see on a good day around 10-15 meters deep down to the ground where you can see corals in every color and shape. So it would be good if you take your diving mask and snorkel directly with you. If you don’t have anything of it, you should mention it to your boat staff before you start the trip, so that they can rent it from them.
On the island itself you will find besides of the care taker and his family nobody else, maybe some other guests, but if you don’t come on Saturday or Sunday you will be probably alone. You will find here some small huts where you can sit and relax in the shadow, and also a grilling area. Food, Drinks and Charcoal should be brought also from Bantayan Island, but most things you could also buy also from the caretaker because he started to sell many things what most visitors forget to bring. Fresh sea food is also offered sometimes from the caretaker or fishermen who are driving by, here it would be perfect to have somebody who could talk to them in cebuano, so that there are no misunderstandings and you get the seafoods for a fair price.
Snorkeling at the beach is one of the best things to do on that island, due to its corals and animals you can find here. As more far you are from the beach, as more unique the underwater life is. But you should be bewaring the fact that the island is a sanctuary, what means that collecting starfishes, sea urchins (even if it is edible) and so on is forbidden.

800-1200 Peso for the Boat rent
~ 100 Peso per person entrance fee
Bring own Food, Drinks and Charcoal (if needed)
Snorkeling equipments (own or rented)
Marine Sanctuary

Le Petite Bonheur in Santa Fe

If you are like to have a cosy place in the evening where you can eat, relax and enjoy the rest of your day on a Bantayan Island vacation, Le Petit Bonheur will be a good opportunity.
Already at 07:00am they open and they will close in the evening at 10:00pm and they offer good food for low prices. And after the normal meal you will get here some of the best deserts you can find here on the island. Deserts are their speciality and so it is also nice after a good dinner at Blue Ice Bar and Restaurant to go there and have a really good desert or just a tasty milk shake.
All in all you will enjoy the stay there. For a complete lunch or dinner, or even just for a short snack it is always a nice place to relax and let the time goes by. The ambience is just made for this. Separate places for every group, maybe under a small pavilion with white curtains and some candles make this place even a little bit romantic in the night time.

I am sorry to say, but the Le Petite Bonheur isn’t anymore. At the Moment the Place is getting renovated or completely renewed.

Bantayan sand beaches are really beautiful!

What else could you say if you walk there. Frome one to the other end of the Santa Fe’s beach you have to walk around 3 Kilometre and you will be only shortly stopped by the port and after that there are again around 2 Kilometre pure white sand. At low tide you can easily walk around 100 Meter over this nice white sand till to the area where the see grass starts and you will find here in this area where at high tide is normally water dozens and hundreds of sea stars. If you like to take a walk you mostly don’t even need to take something to drink or so, because here and there you fill find resorts with a restaurant so that you can make a stop and eat, drink and relax whenever you like to do so.

Ogtong Cave Beach Resort a place to relax!

One of the most exciting Resorts is the Ogtong Cave Beach Resort in Santa Fe. Here you will find some of the best rooms and accommodations on Bantayan Island.
You can get there easily by using one of the Trisikats, a bicycle with sidecar. Every driver will know the Place. From Bantayan Port till Ogtong Cave Beach Resort is shouldn’t be more than 60 Peso.
If you Enter the Resort you will see directly why this place is so special. You can find nearly everywhere blooming flowers and other plants. White Houses surrounded by trees and bushes, most of the Beach Front Houses a little bit separated so that you can relax and enjoy your stay there.
Ogtong Cave Beach Resort also offers as the only one a big Pool you can use even as a guest for a small fee to pay as entrance. The pool is filled by the water from the Cave, so it is normally refreshing cool and a good contrary to the hot days you will spend here. Especially after a Trip around the Island, a tour with a motorcycle or whatever, it is the perfect way to relax just a little time in the pool while watching up to the clear blue sky searching for some small clouds.
Besides of the big pool area there is one more very fascinating place to explore, the name giving ‘Ogtong Cave’ a natural cave in the middle of the Resort what is half filled with water, so that you can enter the cave only with swimsuit and you can go a little bit deeper inside. The squeaking noise are from the bats who are living here inside and you can see them sometimes while they are flying around the ceiling, but mostly you will only hear them quietly squeaking.
Due to the position of the Resort you have also direct access to the ocean where you have a nice view till Cebu Island. At low tide you can walk there without any problems far on the sand, but at high tide there can be a water level difference from up to 2 meter.
The Resort owned restaurant offers from native dishes to very good chicken and shrimp curry everything you need to have a exquisite meal.
If you are searching a place to enjoy your honeymoon you will find here also a very good alternative, they have for honeymooners who are renting the Honeymoon suite their own separated pool area with small pavilion and everything you could need else.
And even if you don’t want to stay at Ogtong Cave Beach Resort, you should plan to make a short sightseeing trip here, the Cave is clearly a valuable place to visit.

How to go to Bantayan Island

From wherever you comes on Cebu, it all starts with getting to Hagnaya, a small port where you have to take a trip with the local Ferry. If you start on Negros, you have to get to the North, where you have to take a boat at the City Port of Cadiz.
For some month now, you also could take a flight with a small Airplane to get directly from Cebu City to the Airport of Bantayan, and also back. The Flight cost around 1400-1500 Peso and it takes approximately 50-60 Minutes. With Starting in Cebu City by Bus you have to calculate around 3,5-4,5 hours to get to Hagnaya (with a stop for around 10-20 minutes) and again 1-1,5 hours to Bantayan Island. By Taxi or Vhire it is around 1-1,5 hour less.
Because there are at the Moment again 2 Ferry Companies the Schedule is again much better, so that from 05:00am till 05:30pm from Hagnaya nearly every hour a ferry goes.
However you like to travel to Bantayan, you should take some drinks, food and toilet paper with you, just to be prepared if there is a flat tire.
I you choose the bus, you can choose between non aircon and with aircon. The price difference is somewhere at 15-25 Pesos per person. The Non Aircon Bus just have to all sides open Windows, so that there is normally on the complete way enough air.Non Smoker should choose a seat in the front, because in these busses smoking is allowd/accepted.

Some information about Bantayan Island

Hello together, from now on I will give you on and off new information about the really beautiful Island Bantayan. Also information about our Restaurants, Hotels and activities.
All in all you can have here a wonderful vacation at a quiet place with long fine sand beaches, a crystal clear ocean and absolutely astonishing weather conditions.
Looking back to the last month we had nearly only sun with vanishing less clouds. In the night you could get wet, because of periodic rainfalls for a short time, but even that makes it perfect, so everything is blooming and growing. Latest in the Morning you don’t even see that there was a rain shower.